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Who We Are

Tall Legal Group was established in 2005 as Tall and Tall Law by Attorney Sidney Tall III, a veteran attorney in personal, civil and criminal law. The firm was later renamed to its present identity Tall Legal Group and has been providing legal assistance and consultancy to a diverse clientele in areas including bankruptcy, taxation, IRS Defense, loan and mortgage claims, criminal cases, personal injury cases and veteran claims and appeals.

Our experience and expertise have earned us the trust of a diverse clientele that includes individual as well as corporate clients. Professionalism, integrity, and competence – these are the core values that drive us to leave no stone unturned while finding solutions to the legal challenges facing our clients. We pride ourselves on the unmatched services that have made us the No. 1 choice of individuals and organizations looking to resolve their legal issues.

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About the founder

Sidney Tall III is an acclaimed legal attorney who has earned the reputation as an astute litigator and trial strategist. He is a battle tested trial lawyer who has helped hundreds of clients to successfully litigate their legal matters. Attorney Tall, who began his legal his career in 2002, has successfully litigated numerous high profile civil and criminal cases and helped his clients secure their legal rights and freedoms. Here is just a sampling of some of Attorney Sidney Tall’s higher profile and successfully litigated state and federal cases- all having gained media attention.
  • Murder Case (2016)
  • Concealed Weapons (2010)
  • Drug Distribution (2009)
  • Murder Case (2008)
  • Sexual Assault Case (2008)
  • Fraudulent Conveyance (2008)
  • Domestic Violence (2007)

Attorney Tall also has a passion for the brave men and women of our country’s armed services. As a Gulf War Army Veteran and Campaign Medal Recipient, Attorney Tall proudly contributes his legal talents toward serving those who have served. Attorney Tall is an accredited Veterans Administration Attorney who dedicates a substantial portion of his practice to assisting veterans in filing disability claims and appeals.

Attorney Tall’s other interests are those of property and finance and over the years he has also pursued to perfect talents in these regards. As a result, Sidney currently holds the reputation of authority in the specialized legal domain of bankruptcy, tax, and financial planning. Towards those ends, Attorney Tall has successfully assisted hundreds of clients in resolving their debts.

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